About Bangladesh Tourism

Bangladesh is full of different kinds of historical tourism places. Tourism is contributed to national income. To see the beauty of tourism, tourists are fascinated. There are many tourism places in Bangladesh and they are situated in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla, Rajshahi and also in so many district. Let’s discuss about some of them. Sonargaon: […]

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Asian Hotels and Travels

When on the hunt for a place where to spend a luxurious vacation, there’s no need to look farther. With its wide land area, China has one beautiful place that lures people from around the world; this is the place called ‘Hong Kong’. With its lively atmosphere, it’s surely Hong Kong has a lot to […]

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Travel Place for Kids

Amusement park is also an inviting travel place for kids. Children love to be in a location where there are people their age. It adds up to their excitement and aids in developing their socializing skills. You don’t have to book to a hotel when you visit an amusement park as this can just be […]

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Travel Spots for Family

To achieve a truly gratifying vacation, you must go for travel spots for family that are proven effective in providing entertainment and relaxation to its guests. Easy as it may seem, it is actually quiet challenging to locate travel spots for family with these qualities. Most travel spots for family are either boring or too […]

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We Provide all Types of Vehicle

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About US

Located on the most prestigious commercial and financial district in the city, make this hotel not only perfect for business trip, but also traveler who wants to explore more the urban life of this city. It just a walking distance to the Zurich famous shopping street (Bahnhofstrasse), City Lake and the Kongresshaus exhibition hall. The unique attraction of old town and nightlife also minutes walk from the hotel. So, if you are looking for the best location, Park Hyatt Zurich Switzerland hotel is definitely picturing the best location in Zurich. Park Hyatt also provides friendly disable facilities along with the other hotel amenities like business center, restaurant, and fitness center, bar, and sauna and guest laundry. It is consisted from 142 rooms and each of them is equipped with TV, safe, minibar, and spacious bathroom. The staff is nice and mastering multilingual ability. Although due its location the hotel is more like business friendly hotel, but you will find a lot of family friendly service like child care and pet amenities.

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