Bangladesh is full of different kinds of historical tourism places. Tourism is contributed to national income. To see the beauty of tourism, tourists are fascinated. There are many tourism places in Bangladesh and they are situated in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla, Rajshahi and also in so many district. Let’s discuss about some of them.

Sonargaon: Sonargaon is one of the greatest historical place in Bangladesh. In Sonargaon, there are many historical interests. Among them the museum of Sonargaon is very vital; visitors can see the different tradition of Bangladesh from this museum. Natural scenery of Soargaon is really marvelous and it is very sure that visitor must be impressed by the natural scenery of Sonargaon.

Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is another most beautiful tourism place in Bangladesh. It is stands in Chittagong. The whole nature of Cox’s Bazar is really glorious. Many foreign visitors comes Bangladesh to see the beauty of Cox’s Bazar. Not only Cox’s Bazar but also it’s around side nature is charmed many tourist. St. Martin Island is another glorious place for Cox’s Bazar.It is called “ Naricel Gingera”. St. Martin Island is stands sea of Cox’s Bazar . In a word, the sea beauty of Cox’s Bazar is fascinating.

National museum: National museum is another tourism spot in Bangladesh which is situated at Dhaka. It is build with the memory of struggling hero who laid their lives for the protection of their Mother Tongue. It reminds the visitors of the World the sacrifice lives for Mother Tongue. It charmed the visitors by the nature of National Museum.

Zoo: Zoo is a greatest tourism spot in Bangladesh which is situated at Dhaka. There are many animals at the Zoo. Visitors can see the different kinds of animals in the Zoo. Visitors are fascinated to see the different kind of animals in a looks that seems like real forest. There are many kinds of animals such as Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Zebra, Snakes, different kinds of birds, Ziraf etc.

Lalbag Kella: Lalbag Kella the other one tourism spots in Bangladesh which is situated at capital city Dhaka. A lot of historical things are seen by many tourists. The whole building is decorated with “Tera Cotta “

Shat Gambuj mosque: Shat Gambuj Mosque is another tourism place of Bangladesh. It is situated in Bagerhat. Bagerhat is mainly famous for the mosque. The mosque has seventy seven domes. The domes were made of rocks. The inside nature of the mosque is greatly fascinating. Around the nature of mosque is really charming. The UNESCO has declared Shat Gambuj Mosque ‘World Heritage’.

Sundarbun: Sundarban is one of the most important tourist spot in Bangladesh which is situated at Khulna. The nature of Sundarban is really charming. Different kinds of animals are lives in Sundarban. Some ferocious animals are lived in Sundarbans such as Tigers, Elephants, Snakes, and Birds. Like others greatest forests, Sundarban is one of them.

Park: Different kinds of parks in Bangladesh are really enjoyable. There are many parks in Bangladesh such as Botanical Garden, Children Park, Baldha garden, Jia Uddan, Romna Park, etc. Many tourist are charmed by the beauty of the nature of Parks

Basundhara city Complex: Basundhara city complex is another tourism spot in Bangladesh. It is considered the second city complex as a shopping mall of the World. The building is separated by different floors. Each floor is decorated with different colors and different type of shops. Its makes the complex more attractive.
Above all the nature beauty of Bangladesh is really charmed. It is not enough beauty for foreigner. So, we all should take some steps to increase the beauty of nature.