When on the hunt for a place where to spend a luxurious vacation, there’s no need to look farther. With its wide land area, China has one beautiful place that lures people from around the world; this is the place called ‘Hong Kong’. With its lively atmosphere, it’s surely Hong Kong has a lot to offer. No one who knows Hong Kong does not know ‘Hong Kong Skyline’. The towering ‘Hong Kong Skyline’ is Hong Kong’s undisputed pride. In fact, ‘Hong Kong Skyline’ beats ‘Manhattan Skyline’ and ‘New York City Skyline’ among 17 other popular skylines on the planet in 2010 for being the ‘best skyline in the world’. However, Hong Kong is not just about tall buildings; it has now a unique attraction that’s picking up more and more visitors ― it’s the ‘Dialogue in the Dark’. ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ is an unlikely experience you would not want to miss in Hong Kong. Make sure to book because it has limited slots for guests in each tour. You can also enjoy a scenic view in Hong Kong by riding on the ‘Dragon’s Back’. No, ‘Dragon’s Back’ is not the mythical creature that breathes fire but a ridge which can be reached by 2-hour hike after the bus ride. Here you will be given the chance to witness a breathtaking vista which your eyes can feast on. Prepare yourself for one more amazing view in the being of the ‘Victoria Harbour’. ‘Victoria Harbour’ is famous for its magnificent façade where colossal buildings and skyscrapers are standing tall. There is one more Hong Kong spot that’s making a name, it is the ‘Nan Lian Garden’ that provides a beautiful scenery and priceless serenity which often cannot be found anywhere else. At ‘Nan Lian Garden’, it’s truly a natural adventure with tranquility. Hong Kong is indeed one versatile, wonderful place to visit.

When you find yourself searching for a place to visit somewhere in Southeast Asia, the country named ‘Singapore’ will give you the experience you will never get from other countries. If you had never cooked in your life, you have come to the right place where cooking is made fun, unique, and exciting. Singapore’s ‘Food Playground’ lets you take a crash culinary course without the pressure of mastering the recipes. In here, you will be immersed to the Singaporean cuisine and delicacies which you, yourself, will get to cook and taste. Yet another amazing experience you, perhaps never in your life, had never imagined doing ― the ‘Flight Experience Singapore’. By the name itself, you get the chance to become the captain of a plane. Yes, you’re the one who will be flying the plane. There’s no need to be scared because it is just a ‘real flight simulator’ ― which means, even if you happen to crash the plane you will still be walking out alive and in one piece. Take the opportunity to bond with the 2,800 animals in world-class ‘Singapore Zoo’. Get to know the orangutans, snakes, elephants, and all other 300 species of animals and mammals. After a memorable bonding with lovely animals in ‘Singapore Zoo’, take a hike at ‘MacRitchie Nature Trail’. The ‘Tree Top Walk’ provides the trail above the ground where you can see the picturesque wonder of the nature. You may also feel the rush of speed at the ‘Ultimate Drive’, where you can go for a spin in either the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or Ferrari F430 F1 Spider. Be a pro car racer driver even just for a day in your life. If you think you can’t handle this kind of supercar, let the pro dive for you, just sit back and relax at the passenger’s seat and enjoy every single flashing moment of the circuit. So, Singapore is not your typical tourist destination ― indeed.

Malé, the capital of Republic of Maldives, is such a paradise for many people who had seen it. Malé treats its guests and visitors with ‘Duniye Spa’. Forget the typical massage treatment at home, the ‘Duniye Spa’ lets you relax with the gentle hands of a masseur while enjoying the view of the ocean below you. This unique style of massage renders you the ultimate relaxation you need. Discover the ‘Secret Paradise’ and its hidden magical oceanic wonders. This ‘Secret Paradise’ will take you to an atoll-hopping (Haa Alifu to Seenu). That’s definitely something you will never get from somewhere else! Once you reached your destination, enjoy the royal treatment where delightful seafood and Maldives delicacies are served. Then, go explore the deep water of Kurumba Maldives where ‘Euro Divers’ is your company. At the ‘Kurumba Maldives’, you will have close encounter with manta rays and introduced to the sunken ships. After the scenic view underwater, feel the water splashes on your skin with ‘Extreme Water Sports’ on the surface of ‘Kurumba Maldives’ ocean such as fun kayaking, exciting parasailing, challenging windsurfing, thrilling wake boarding, and more. If an exquisite adventure or vacation (or both) is what you’re looking for, Malé is the place to go.

K-Pop or Korean Pop is conquering the world by its modern, upbeat music today, but Seoul, Korea, is more than just a country producing world-class music. ‘Bukhansan National Park’ boasts an alluring view that visitors and guests must also experience. The hike on its trails will leave you breathless not because you run out of gas in your lungs but the nature’s beauty will steal your breath from you. This is highly recommended for K-Pop fans, the ‘National Museum of Korea’ lets you know the cultural heritage of the rising K-Pop artists today. The swan-boat ride at ‘Hangang Park’ lets you witness the amazing sight of the city while paddling on the Han River. When you happened to be with someone special, take her or him at the ‘Namsan Park’ at night where the popular ‘N Seoul Tower’ proudly stood ― the night being together will surely the night you would not ever forget for the rest of your life. Then, take a tour to the residential area called ‘Bukchon’ ― this place tells you who Koreans really are and the way they live their lives on daily basis. So, Korea is both K-Pop and a place of beauty.