Yeagarup is an epic four wheel driving destination in the South West, where the Warren River meets the Indian Ocean. It is located just out of Pemberton, and has the biggest set of inland dunes in the southern hemisphere. The beach is massive, and has an incredible reputation for fishing. Where is Yeagarup? Yeagarup is […]

Why fitting an EGT Gauge is a good idea

I’ve had my 80 Series Land Cruiser now for just over 6 months, and absolutely love it. My Hilux was great, but this thing has heaps more power, torque and comfort. With a big trip coming up, a reasonably fresh engine and a need for prevention, I decided to fit an EGT gauge. What is […]

Travelling Bali

Bali is a hugely popular location for tourists from Australia year round, and for plenty of different reasons. Whether you want to shop, surf, laze on the beach, get cheap massages, go on an adventure or eat spectacular food you can guarantee Bali has it covered. The island of Bali is tiny when compared to […]


Spearfishing is a sport that I have only gotten into in the last few years. I have always had a passion for fishing, but found it to be incredibly tiresome when you weren’t catching anything. On top of that, it is often expensive when you add rods, reels, lures, plastics, bait, line and other little […]

Preston Beach

Preston beach is a gorgeous beach just over an hour away from Perth. It is open to four wheel drives, well known for good fishing and has a range of accommodation options. About Preston Beach Preston Beach is a very small town with a general store, a number of holiday homes and a gorgeous beach. […]

Part time kit

What is a part time kit? A part time kit converts a constant four wheel drive vehicle into a rear wheel drive vehicle with manual locking hubs at the front. In other words, while you drive on bitumen the vehicle is two (rear) wheel drive. When you need four wheel drive, you get out of […]

Logue Brook to Harvey

If you are looking for a fairly easy 4×4 track (with plenty of medium to extremely difficult tracks on the side) to explore some of WA’s south west then the Logue Brook to Harvey track is a great place to start. This trip comes from the book ‘4WD Days out of Perth’, and is well […]

Is the ARB Deflator worth it?

One of the most important concepts surrounding four wheel driving is the tyre pressures that you run. The moment you leave the bitumen, your tyre pressures need to be adjusted accordingly. This helps by increasing traction, using less fuel and preserving the tracks, tyres and car mechanicals. How do you get more traction from lower […]

Is an Ozent worth it?

What is an Oztent? The Oztent is an Australian designed tent which is primarily known for its fast set up time. They come in various sizes, and are built to last. They are all dark green and shaped the same. Numerous accessories can be purchased to add extra rooms, awnings etc (more on this below). […]

Property Management Nampa Idaho Companies Are Well Versed With Tricks Of Managing Property

The kind of practical experience, sound know-how and an in-depth understanding the property management Nampa Idaho companies possess, it has made them a hot favorite for both tenants as well property owners. They are well versed with understanding tricks involved in property management. For instance, they have up to date news about the different applicable […]