My recommended hotel is Duquesne Eiffel. I recommend this, since this hotel fulfilling my definition of good vacation in the term of service, easy of access, and fully representing Paris. The recently renovated Dusquesne Eiffel is a boutique hotel located a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower, and only 5 minute walk to Les Invalides, the gold-domed French Military Museum and resting place for Napoleon’s tomb. Maybe there’s another hotel that closer to Eiffel, but sure this hotel is the one that give you best view of Eiffel in the night. The service is beyond expectation for 3 stars quality hotel. The staff was really nice and like to help or maybe just answering your questions. Near the metro station, make the access to to exploring Paris is better than another place. The surrounding neighborhood also made you feel like locals. The decoration and design really bringing the sense of Paris. I would recommend going to the supermarket for little bits like breakfast since cafes are expensive when it comes to little things like croissants and coffee. Rooms with an Eiffel Tower view start at from €200 per night, but considering the facility and place, this Paris France hotels are worth.