Preston Beach

Preston beach is a gorgeous beach just over an hour away from Perth. It is open to four wheel drives, well known for good fishing and has a range of accommodation options.

About Preston Beach

Preston Beach is a very small town with a general store, a number of holiday homes and a gorgeous beach. It is extremely popular, and for good reason! From Perth, it is a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes away, making it the perfect location for a day, weekend or even a week!

Getting to Preston beach

With the new Forrest highway, getting to Preston Beach is extremely quick and direct. Head south down the Kwinana Freeway, which eventually joins onto Forrest highway. Keep going down past this, and just after it meets the old coast road you can turn off to the right, and drive a few km’s into the town.

Our wheel driving on Preston Beach

If you have a four wheel drive, Preston Beach is a great place to visit. You can drive both north and south, and enjoy endless, clean beach. In fact, you can get onto the beach at Tim’s Thicket (when the tide is up) or White Hills, and drive all the way south to Preston, Myalup, Binningup and then exit at Buffalo road. It is a great place to do a bit of four wheel driving, but the beach can be reasonably soft at times.

Preston Beach Fishing

If you can’t catch fish at Preston, you aren’t trying hard enough. During the day herring and whiting (decent sized ones too) are extremely common. As the sun sets, tailor, mulloway, big stingrays and even sharks are reasonably common. Being such a long beach you can drive as far as you want until you have plenty of space around you!

Accommodation at Preston Beach

Preston Beach does not have a Caravan Park. However, it does have a number of holiday homes and a resort. There are plenty of nearby places that you can stay at too, including Waroona, Myalup Beach and Binningup.

Camping at Preston Beach

Camping on the beach itself is not permitted (what a shame!). However, if you want to camp you can at a DEC campsite known as Martins Tank. To get there, simply drive towards Preston Beach. When you are close to town the road turns left at about 90 degrees, with a gravel road continuing straight on. If you drive down that for about 15 minutes you will see a sign pointing to the campsite. I must say I was quite impressed with the facility, and at $7 per night you wouldn’t complain.

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