Riding Boots – Which ones to pick ?

When it comes to horse riding boots it’s a personal decision as to which one you like the best. Initially forget the style of boot and think about what kind of riding you are likely to do. For a casual rider it’s important to get a riding boot which is comfortable and flexible. Think about whether you want a long or a shorter boot – this will depend on your preference and comfort.
Some riders like a much lower boot which just fits under your jodhpurs and can be taken on and off easily. Other riders who need something smarter for dressage or competitions need a long, tall boot which is both elegant and functional. There are riding boots with zips on the back to make it easier to take a longer boot on or off.
Many riders have winter Riding boots < and summer riding boots which are designed to cope with the varying weather conditions. It’s important to try them on and test whether this style feels right for you. You then enter the minefield of style, colour, length, heel and a whole host of other choices riders need to make before buying a riding boot.
If you are buying your first pair of riding boots then speak to friends who ride or the instructor at your stables. They will be able to make suggestions based on your style of riding. Many people find a brand they like and continue to wear the same riding boot year after year.

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