Shower Chairs – Bath time Buddies

A cool shower during extreme hot weather after a particularly long and tiring day is definitely something we all look forward for. However, sometimes age and life’s situations keep us away from enjoying that perfect moment to its fullest. But now, not anymore; because we now have shower chairs with us- the perfect solution to all our problems. These are chairs built particularly for aged individuals or for those who are unable to stand while taking a shower bath. Shower chairs are basically seats that can be easily installed and fits perfectly into shower areas. Designed to suit the purpose perfectly, there are shower chairs for elderly, PVC Shower chairs, shower chairs with wheels as well as rolling shower chairs.

Shower Chairs have plastic seats with large holes to enable the water to flow out and not to accumulate. They have hand rests on both sides for a firm grip and support. Some also have backrests. The PVC shower chair is designed particularly for the elderly people. They are in great demand in homes for the elderly and hospitals owing to their smooth non-corrosive body that facilitates easy cleaning. The rolling shower chair has been designed to enable the elderly people to preserve their bath time privacy. With this the person does not require a separate bath seat as the shower chair itself can be rolled into the bath area and the person left to enjoy his or her bath alone. The shower chair with wheels ensures mobility to its users. Pediatric shower chairs are also available.

Care should be taken while selecting shower chairs for elderly as well as for the disabled. Selections should be based on size, ease of use as well as the exact requirement of the person who will be using it.

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