Sunrooms – Best To Enjoy the Scenic Beauty

Sunrooms are structures constructed to have a good view of the surrounding landscape which is generally constructed inside of a house. The structure is sheltered so that adverse weather conditions are not affected for people wanting to enjoy the views. These structures are popular in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.

The structure can be constructed from brick, wood, breeze block, PVC or glass. The brick or wood base is the main support for the PVC commonly referred as the Knee wall. The glass panels are large and clear but not frosted to ensure good views. The roof also may be of glass panels. But they are generally made of plastic material which also can allow sunlight. Sunrooms can be either used for the scenic views or to collect sunlight for the purpose of warmth and light. If used for warmth and light, sun rooms are referred as solariums. Solarium walls will be made up of glass or plastic while sun rooms will generally be of conventional roofs.

Gable Sun rooms which match the existing roof lines will be of high ceilings. This can give a feeling of the room being more spacious. Newly constructed rooms are generally constructed with tempered glass with aluminium frame structures. High end rooms can be constructed with aluminium insulated panels or glass. Insulated panels can be with skylights. Shingled roofing materials are used for outside of the roof. Nowadays, Sunrooms are constructed to blend with the architecture of the main home. While designing Sunrooms factors like window type, paint colour, door type and flooring type have to be chosen, so that the best design of the Sunroom is possible.

With more emphasis on energy efficiency, the newer Sunrooms are constructed with high efficiency glass and materials so that good views can be enjoyed while saving energy.

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